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アピチャッポン・ウィーラセタクン監督とペルーで10日間!映画制作ワークショップ参加者 募集中








Apichatpong Weerasethakul Lab: Filming in the Amazon

講師 :アピチャッポン・ウィーラセタクン 期間 :2022年6月18日(土)〜6月28日(火)

定員 :50名(映画作家・映画監督・映画人)

費用 :5,200ユーロ(ワークショップ参加費と12日間の滞在費)

宿泊先:Inkaterra Guides Field Station (ジャングル内のエコセンター)

応募締切:2022年4月26日(火) 審査があります

上記リンク先より「FILL THE FORM」をクリック。画面に必要情報を入力してください









4月26日(火) 応募締切

5月6日(金)  合格者(参加予定者)発表

5月20日(金) 支払期限:参加費+滞在費で5,200ユーロ(約71万円)

6月18日(土) ワークショップ開始

6月28日(火) ワークショップ終了


主催:PlayLab Films (ペルー)

【お問い合せ】 (英語・スペイン語)






Apichatpong Weerasethakul Lab: Filming in the Amazon

Apichatpong invites applicants from around the world to apply to Playlab Films' call for entries to participate in the Apichatpong Weerasethakul Lab: filming in the Amazon workshop, which will take place June 18-28, 2022 in the Amazon.

Apichatpong is preparing for the experience: "We will film together, we will film with the 50 selected filmmakers. We will watch and listen intensely. We will cook and eat together," says the director.

For ten days, fifty creative directors of diverse nationalities and contexts will share the experience of creating fifty short films, under a wonderful methodology created by Master Abbas Kiarostami, adapted by Werner Herzog and now revisited by Apichatpong. In addition to the accompaniment of each director there will be dialogue sessions with the filmmaker every night to discuss not only about filmmaking but also to explore in depth the way of creating, seeing and feeling that will then be embodied in the works.


Link to the video:


The international call for entries will close on April 26. 50 filmmakers from around the world will be selected to participate in the Apichatpong Weerasethakul Lab: Filming in the Amazon. The results will be published on May 6.

A committee will select workshop participants under the criteria of:

· Quality of previous work

· Authenticity in the narrative search

· Technical autonomy

· Personal motivation

· Importance of the workshop in your project as an author


· Launching of the Call for Entries: March 10, 2022

· Closing date: 26 April 2022

· Publication of the list of selected participants: May 6, 2022

· Deadline for payment of the registration fee: May 20, 2022

· Start of the Workshop: June 18, 2022

· Closing of the Workshop: June 28, 2022


· Duration: 10 days of workshop - 12 days of accommodation

· Price: 5.200€ includes: Workshop fee, Accommodation and food for 12 days at Inkaterra Guides Field Station, distribution of the best short films in international festivals and VOD open to everyone.

To register, please go to the Lab's website:

For further information, please write to


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